Wooden Name Tags for Stockings

When you start to think about decorating for the holiday season, chances are that one of the first things you may do is add stockings to your fireplace mantle.

Whether your stockings are brand new this year, or ones that you’ve had since childhood, there is something special about placing the stockings along the mantle in preparation for filling with surprise stocking stuffers. Isn’t it true that, sometimes, the stocking stuffers are way more fun and more unexpected than the main gifts?

As you look around your room, do you notice that your stockings are looking a bit…bare? That might be because they need a few personalized name tags for stockings. These custom name tags are laser cut from walnut wood. They feature a festive design; and you can select which design you’d like on your tags.

You can choose an assortment of designs; such as a snowflake, reindeer, or candy cane, or you can choose to have all the stocking tag designs exactly the same; perhaps with a snowflake so you can keep the tags up all season long.

The tags are custom made at order; and can be ordered individually or in a set of 4 or 8. They are a perfect gift for adding a little something extra to your holiday festivities.

They also can reduce confusion about which stocking belongs to who (especially important if you’re getting yummy chocolate in your stocking and you just don’t want to share!) All you need to do is order a personalized name tag with your name on it, and that will tell everyone else to keep their hands off your stocking.

One of the best things about these tags is that they are made from 1/8″ thick wood, which has been finished with a clear coat, so these tags will last for years with proper care. That means not getting them wet, and also not placing them too close to a fire. Each finished tag comes with a looped ribbon for hanging. Each name is written in a beautiful script font, and cut from a contrasting wood so the design really pops.

These custom stocking tags can also be a wonderful gift for new parents to recognize the newest little stocking at their mantle. These tags can also stand in for gift name tags, just attach them to any gift and once that gift is opened, the tag can then be used for the stocking.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your holiday memories and environment, these personalized name tags for stockings are a wonderful idea for bringing more holiday cheer into your home for this year, and many more to come.

Order your personalized name tags for stockings today!